The Outside Operator is responsible for the outside operation of the Agrilectric facilities.  He is responsible for all the outside operations and the maintenance of the facility which can impact the environment, the company profitability and the safety of all personnel on the plant site.  He is required to make professional decisions in a timely manner and is willing to accept the accountability for those decisions.  If qualified, will act as temporary relief for Head operator.  Listed below but not limited to job task and descriptions.


  • Through professional judgment, maintain maximum performance of the outside equipment which is operating within safe operating limitations.
  • Responsible for overseeing employee’s actions and insuring the work is being performed in accordance to the Employee and Safety Manual.
  • Conduct a minimum of hourly rounds in the unit to acquire status readings and check equipment.
  • The Outside Operator must maintain constant communication with the Head Operator.
  • Supervises and assures safe working conditions on maintenance activities in his unit.
  • Responsible for prompt cleanup of all emissions during his shift.
  • Responsible for maintaining adequate fuel levels in all fuel storage containers 
  • Responsible for collecting lab analysis samples.
  • Responsible for maintaining housekeeping in assigned areas.
  • Thoroughly communicates through shift relief's and logbook entries.
  • Maintains comprehensive knowledge of the plant equipment status and all changes in operating conditions.
  • Possesses a complete knowledge of the plant operating systems and conditions.
  • Responsible for performing light maintenance job tasks.
  • Knowledge of locations of all safety equipment in the plant (fire hose, water hydrant, fire extinguishers, stretcher and first aid kit.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Maintenance background and understanding of mechanical equipment.

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