The Mechanic’s primary responsibility is maintaining the rotating equipment within the facility.  Proper performance in this position will produce high production with reliable operation and create a safe work atmosphere for all personnel and the plant.  He will be required to make professional decisions and willing to accept the accountability on those decisions.  


  • Maintains an awareness and understanding of the hazards of electrical and rotating equipment and process conditions.
  • Utilizes test equipment (monitoring) in a skillful manner on pumps, motors, conveying and rotating equipment.
  • Utilizes Operating and maintenance manuals, drawings, and parts break down sheets.
  • Provides leadership in solving and training others in the trouble shooting/problem solving skills.
  • Responds quickly to evaluate and troubleshoot items that will risk the production capability of the facility.
  • Documents all changes for approval and verifies modifications to the proper documents.
  • Coordinates and provides input to new projects with management and engineering.
  • Provides housekeeping in those areas in which he works.
  • Displays efficient troubleshooting skills, solving problems with self motivation skills.
  • Communicates well while sharing his knowledge with his peers.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Must have basic knowledge of mechanical maintenance fundamentals.
  • Knowledge of reading and understanding equipment manuals and drawings.
  • Continually develops troubleshooting skills.
  • Developmental School or equivalent.


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