Additive & Insulator

Agrilectric has supplied the worldwide steel industry since the start up in 1984. The unique characteristics of the silica make it an exceptional insulator.
With the percentage of unburned carbon in the range of 4 to 6% and low crystalline to non-detect silica values, the ash is used as insulator in the steel manufacturing process without fear of flaring up due to the unburned carbon igniting and causing heat production in an area that is not intended to produce heat. The Agrilectric combustion technology has been producing products for over 34 years with the customers knowing they will receive consistency in product quality.

When used as a Ladle or Tundish Cover, the amorphous silica:

• Prevents Heat Loss
• Extends Pouring Time
• Maintains Core Temperature
• Improves Yields from the Ladle
• Provides a low density Insulation
• Prevents Surface Oxidation
• Coagulates Slag Carry Over from the Ladle
• Reduces Metal Skulling
• Requires Less Tundish Heat While Casting
• Eliminates Tundish Covers

Physical & Chemical Properties are Completely Compatible

  • Unburned Carbon: Average 4-6%
  • Silica Content: Average 93%
  • Moisture: Average <2.5%

With a variety of packaging and transportation options available, Agrilectric Research can supply the needs of steel manufacturing anywhere in the world with a consistent renewable amorphous silica quality product. Through a long history of supplying the steel industry in numerous applications, we can provide technical support and product testing worldwide.

Let us help with you application or insulation needs!

We also have value added products

  • MGR- Is our amorphous silica with surface treatment to minimize dusting during applications
  • Manufactured products to meet specific customer’s requirements
  • Agrilectric Research is currently developing dust free products to eliminate airborne particles during the applications when high wind currents are present