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Agrilectric is a proud sponsor of the ISO 9001:2008 organization and has been registered since 2003. Ongoing review of existing markets is a function of Agrilectric Research. Areas of process modifications, blending and packaging are continually evaluated along with customer requests and comments in order to provide better products. Research and development is continuing at the complex and is currently being funded at several universities to take advantage of the faculty scientist and engineers. 

Amorphous Silica

Product utilization is the primary responsibility of Agrilectric Research. The amorphous silica produced by Agrilectric is approximately 20% of the rice hulls consumed in the combustion process. While this reduction is significant, the quantity of production cannot be left to chance for any one market area.

Additive & Insulator

Agrilectric has supplied the worldwide steel industry since the start up in 1984. The unique characteristics of the silica make it an exceptional insulator.
With the percentage of unburned carbon in the range of 2 to 4% and low crystalline to non-detect silica values, the ash is used as insulator in the steel manufacturing process without fear of flaring up due to the unburned carbon igniting and causing heat production in an area that is not intended to produce heat. The Agrilectric combustion technology has been producing products for over 28 years with the customers knowing they will receive consistency in product quality.

When used as a Ladle or Tundish Cover, the amorphous silica:

• Prevents Heat Loss
• Extends Pouring Time
• Maintains Core Temperature
• Improves Yields from the Ladle
• Provides a low density Insulation
• Prevents Surface Oxidation
• Coagulates Slag Carry Over from the Ladle
• Reduces Metal Skulling
• Requires Less Tundish Heat While Casting
• Eliminates Tundish Covers


Physical & Chemical Properties are Completely Compatible

  • Unburned Carbon: Average 2-4%
  • Silica Content: Average 93%
  • Moisture: Average <2.5%

With a variety of packaging and transportation options available, Agrilectric Research can supply the needs of steel manufacturing anywhere in the world with a consistent renewable amorphous silica quality product. Through a long history of supplying the steel industry in numerous applications, we can provide technical support and product testing worldwide.

Let us help with you application or insulation needs!

We also have value added products

  • MGR- Is our amorphous silica with surface treatment to minimize dusting during applications
  • Manufactured products to meet specific customer’s requirements
  • Agrilectric Research is currently developing dust free products to eliminate airborne particles during the applications when high wind currents are present


Rice hulls, when burned in a controlled combustion process, create a unique amorphous silica structure. The rice hull ash produced from Agrilectric contains approximately 40m2/g surface area (determined by BET method) and low carbon content.
Based on the internal and external surface area, our products create an excellent absorbent for liquid spills. Several industries are using these products to:
• HAZMAT Response
• Raceway Cleanups
• Dewatering liquids
• Environmental Pond solidification
• Oil and Fuels Adsorbents


Agrilectric Research manufactures and sells high performance; renewable filter aids MaxFlo™ for all types of solid liquid separation applications. Our filter aids are superior to traditional products and deliver extraordinary value in sludge dewatering operations as well as high purity, high volume filtration applications. Agrilectric Research has developed a number of innovative filter aid technologies.

  • Filter aids that remove metals from wastewater and sequester them into the solid phase
  • Filter aids that offer single product solution to coagulation/flocculation + filtration treatments
  • Filter aids that minimize solids production and energy requirements

Please visit our filtration website for additional information

Soil Amendment

The surface area created form the Agrilectric combustion process also improves moisture retention. This along with the fact that the products are sterile from the combustion process creates an excellent soil amendment.
Uses such as:

  • Potting soils
  • Golf courses
  • Soil conditioner
  • Turf grass farms
  • Nurseries

Agrilectric Research is currently supporting studies with this 100% renewable resource. We are and will continue to be a proud sponsor of the environment.



Owner / Operator of the Louisiana based biomass power facility since 1984. 

Environmentally Friendly
By using a biomass fuel, rice hulls, the USEPA places value upon these plants primarily because they do not increase atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations and reduces the potential for methane gases generated from landfills

The system design for heat recovery at the Lake Charles facility matches overall efficiencies comparable to larger utility type generating plants.

The Lake Charles plant has an availability factor exceeding 93% since beginning operations in 1984